Hydro-rubbing Hydrogommage : anti-graffitis

The quality constraints have in recent years, evolved to allow any significant support, to be cleaned without suffering damage or distortion at a restauration.
The new concept Hydrogommage Hydro-rubbing NETTWORK ® takes account of these constraints and offers efficiency and compliance with the surfaces treated.

Often, the methods used are not suited to the material, and are too aggressive or require protection cumbersome and costly and most often are at odds with the imperatives of environmental safety or health.

The new material appeared on the market, adapt more traditional methods or are moving towards a lesser abrasion (micro sanding). Unfortunately this development takes place at the expense of profitability.

The equipment Hydro-rubbing ® Low Pressure Nettwork ® (0.5 to 1.5 bars on the support) allows its projection system patented innovative, to adhere to the new quality of work, and comfort of treatment. It provides an interesting progress and the possibility of working platform.

Moreover, the nature of its operation, avoiding any source of application error, while providing the opportunity to work on surfaces such as stone soft or hard, soft, frescoes, statues, beams, wood cladding or wood stains.

 hydrogommage un procédé efficace et rentable contre les graffitis