Hydro-rubbing Hydrogommage : economical

All these innovations have significant effects on quality of work and respect for surfaces, both by the projection that by setting options and provide the certainty of exemplary work.

This material may be used on all surfaces such as stone, wood, plastics, metals ... even if they are poor or very sensitive (stones of Molla for example, or listed heritage).

The Hydro-rubbing ® is particularly suited to the abduction of thin films, whatever the nature of the film to remove (graffiti, dirt pollution, cryptogams, paintings dispersions ,...).

The opportunity to work in single post, doubled strong progress of this equipment, gives the Hydro-rubbing ® operating costs low, giving access to all types of sites, even more competitive.

The implementation, easy and fast, allowing multiple interventions and effective in urban areas without protection or nuisance, and does very little dirt

 hydrogommage un procédé efficace et économique contre les graffitis